The Benefits Of WordJack Media

What benefits can I expect from WordJack?

At WordJack, each marketing activity we perform for your business is aimed to improve your performance in one of these 5 areas. Keep reading – can your business afford to miss out on any of these?

Get Found!get found

This may sound a little basic, but how easily can people find your business? Getting found is more than just having a website and a Facebook page. Your business may be listed on hundreds of directory websites, but is your contact info correct? How does your business stand out from the other businesses that can be found through search engines? A professional and consistent representation for your business ensures your business can be found and is appealing to your customers. Providing useful information about your business and proving your expertise will convert a searcher into a customer for your business.

Get Found - Find Out How!

Claim & Optimize Your Presence on the Major Search Engines

You have likely put a lot of time and effort into building the reputation and credibility of your business, and we can help you maintain control and reap the benefits of every mention of your brand or business name online. Your business is probably already listing in the “local” section of the major search engines. By claiming those listings, you can correct errors, add info your customers will find useful, take more control, and ultimately improve your appearances on major search engines for your target keywords.

Create Social Presence on Facebook, Twitter & More… 

Social media sites are becoming more and more important for businesses each and every day. Even small, local businesses like yours can get brand recognition and loyalty through social media in a way that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. Today, any business that doesn’t have a strong social media presence risks being left behind or overlooked by potential new customers.

Claim & Optimize Profiles Across the Web

One aspect of online marketing often ignored by small businesses is claiming social media profiles, video profiles, directory profiles, and other online profiles. Why is this important? If you don’t get on board and claim your profiles, someone else not even associated with your business could do it instead, and they might post incomplete or even incorrect information about your business. When you claim your online business profiles, it will give you greater control of your online presence and branding. You’ll also be able to maintain consistency between all your online profiles and optimize each one to meet your business’ online marketing goals.

Blog Setup & Ongoing Content Updates

You may have heard the saying “Content is king” – who cares? And what does that mean anyway? A search engine’s job is to help people find what they’re looking for, and that’s why they are designed to crawl the internet constantly, looking for websites with well-written, engaging, relevant, and regularly updated content. The more content you have of this caliber, the better chance you have of receiving a high ranking from Google. The simplest way to get great content out there is through a blog; a blog with interesting content that is updated on a regular basis will attract a steady stream of visitors searching for what your business offers. WordJack can help not only with creating and branding a blog for you, but also posting unique and engaging content that is relevant to your business or industry.

JackPage Profile & Landing Pages

Every business that signs up for an online marketing plan with WordJack gets its own page on the WordJack website. This “JackPage” can be an engine for driving traffic to your website, or serve as a substitute for a website if your business doesn’t have one. Either way, a JackPage not only helps with your search engine ranking, but it also helps with marketing your business overall by expanding your online presence.

Custom Landing Pages

We call them “landing pages” because they’re designed to be specific pages where visitors “land” on your website. Lots of businesses think of their home page as their landing page, but often a home page is not set up properly to provide information to a visitor and get them to pick up the phone. When you sign up to be a WordJack customer, we’ll set up some specific pages designed to grab attention and encourage visitors to call or email you. Ingredients for a good landing page include a special offer, a contact form or clear contact instructions, and just the right amount of info about your business to make someone feel comfortable and want to learn more!

Video Creation & Distribution/Posting

Our world is becoming more and more obsessed with multimedia. Many people these days would rather watch a movie than read a book, so it makes sense that some segments of your customer base will be more receptive to marketing messages in a video, rather than text. A promotional video is one of the best ways to provide your customers with a lot of information about your products and services in a very short period of time and in an entertaining and interesting way. Promotional videos can also amp up your overall online presence and drive a large amount of traffic to your website from the different platforms the videos are hosted on (YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc.)

New Website Creation (one-time fee)

A website is a valuable asset for any business, and if you use it properly, it can become a customer magnet. If your business doesn’t have an existing website, or if you’re not happy with your current site, your WordJack web marketing manager will work with you to have a top-class site designed and built exactly the way you want it.

Get Ranked! get ranked

Studies have shown that the top 3 results on a search engine results page get 68% of the clicks. Getting ranked higher on Google and other search engines can help your site get more traffic and present your business to more potential customers who are in an active search frame of mind. WordJack also aims to increase the search ranking for more than just your website. If a user searches for a local business and finds your website, your YouTube video, and your Facebook page all in the first page of results, your business appears as a far more credible option to the other businesses on the page.

Get Ranked - Find Out How!

Professional Keyword Analysis

Keywords (or key phrases) tell search engines what your website is about, allowing them to match what people are looking for with what your site has to offer, sending web traffic your way. Your WordJack internet marketing guru will analyze potential keywords you should be targeting and help you work these “Target Keywords” into your online material.

Google Local SEO & Google Maps SEO

One online technique many businesses (especially small companies) often fail to use to its full potential is having search engine-optimized listings on Google Maps and Google Local (formerly Google Places). These listings target users searching for local businesses on Google (e.g. someone searching for “plumber in Miami”). If you don’t have these Google profiles optimized correctly, you could be losing large numbers of local customers.

Video Search Optimization

Most consumers today are pressed for time—they don’t want to be forced to read several pages of your website to find out who you are and what you do. Instead, they want to watch a short video clip that will give them all the information they need in a fraction of the time. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo are continuing to gain popularity on a daily basis; however, so much video footage is being added to the internet every day that it becomes an added challenge to not only create compelling video content, but also make sure it gets noticed through Video Search Engine Optimization. Strategically chosen titles, descriptions, and tags, as well as relevant use of keywords, will make your videos stand out from the crowd. The WordJack online marketing experts will make sure every video promoting your business is optimized for maximum payout.

SEO Copywriting & Content Creation

Most people don’t know much about how to craft well-written (SEO-friendly) content. Some of the tactics people use to “trick” search engines have limited, short-term success, but they are unreliable and can actually harm the credibility of your business in the long run. Even though it’s beneficial to make sure all content is unique and follows best practice SEO guidelines, it needs to be useful to people who are searching for what you have to offer most of all! WordJack’s team of expert writers and editors is here to help!

Complete SEO Website Review (your website)

For a website to rank well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it must have high-quality information, be a good match to what people search for, and be designed in a way that makes it stand out from the competition. A professional SEO review and technical upgrade to your website could make the difference between Google giving you an A+ or a failing grade. WordJack can do a complete SEO website review as part of your online marketing package.

Website SEO Link Building

The main purpose of the internet is to help people share information with others and find information other people have already shared. One of the ways people share information with their friends, family, business partners, and customers is by posting a link from their website to yours – it’s sort of like an online vote of confidence. Having a variety of quality, authoritative websites linking to yours is one of the most important aspects of SEO. By increasing the number of in-bound links your website has, you can greatly boost your online rank with the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). If you don’t understand how to go about getting these quality links, you’re definitely not alone. But don’t stress about it– your WordJack web marketing manager knows how and will take care of all fyour website link building for you.

Get Social!social media

Relationships between businesses and their customers aren’t limited to transactions. Sure, this is nothing new, but social media has made it more possible (and normal) for people and brands to interact in a more direct way. As your business develops an active social life, you become more strongly represented on major social networks: a growing group of people follows your business updates, and you interact with them regularly. This is like having a direct line of communication with your customers – if you nurture it with interesting and useful information first, you build the opportunity for promoting your business . . . to a receptive audience! An important part of getting social also includes monitoring your social media channels and keeping tabs on your overall online reputation (what people are saying about you). This allows you to handle any issues before they become problems and publicly thank people who say nice things about you.

Get Social - Find Out How!

Create Presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more…

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have become one of the most popular ways to communicate, socialize, and gather information in today’s digital world. And the social media sphere for businesses just keeps getting bigger and bigger. That’s why your business needs to have a powerful social media strategy—otherwise, you risk missing out on one of the most powerful marketing opportunities of this generation (especially for small, localized businesses).

More Fans on Social Media

There isn’t much point in having a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ if nobody is paying attention or interacting with what you have to say. Social followership campaigns are custom-designed to attract the type of people your business wants to have as potential customers and encourage them to like, follow, share, re-post, and re-tweet your material, growing your overall social network following.

Regular Social Publishing (blogs, tweets, comments, links, questions)

For a social media marketing campaign to add real value, you’ve got to get people sharing, interacting, and debating. The best way to do this is to post links to relevant articles, snippets of information, and comments that get the ball rolling. WordJack can help you make this tedious task a piece of cake.

Social Media Monitoring

An important part of online marketing is keeping tabs on what people are saying about your business and your industry, especially on social media sites. Are people engaging with and sharing the content you post on Facebook? Did someone post an @reply on Twitter, showing interest in your services? You don’t have to spend your entire life surfing social media sites and investigating what everyone else is doing– that’s what your WordJack web marketing manager is for!

Online Reputation Management

In the world of online marketing, what people say about your business (your reputation) is as important, or sometimes more important, than what your business says about itself. Did someone leave you a bad review on Yelp? It’s important to keep tabs on who is saying what about your business or industry and respond accordingly. Maintaining a positive online reputation for your business should be a top priority, but where will you find the time to do all this? Let your WordJack Marketing Manager do the hard work for you!

Get Customers!get customers

The benefit of getting new customers (and keeping your current customers) is obvious. But there are always subtle opportunities for improvement that can make your efforts more effective. When someone arrives at a page on your website, are they shown the information they need to trust you? Is it obvious how they can contact you? Do you offer a reason to call or email, as though they would be missing out if they didn’t? Designing email campaigns that offer information in a non-threatening way is prefect for building trust and showing expertise. Accompanying that message with a special offer or promotional message can be one of the most effective ways of attracting repeat customers.

Get Customers - Find Out How!

Distribute Coupons, Promotions & Special Deals

Everyone loves a bargain! WordJack will help with marketing your business by arranging and coordinating special promotional offers and coupon distribution to current and potential customers.

Lead Generating Click Campaigns

The heartbeat of any business is sales . . . So how do you increase your business’ sales and keep that lifeblood pumping? One of the most common ways is to find and connect with leads (potential customers), offer them something valuable that meets their needs, and then convert them into paying customers. For this process to work, a business needs to be generating new leads constantly. Online advertising that gets people to click through to your landing page and become leads is a fantastic way of expanding your customer base and increasing overall sales. WordJack will design and put into action a general or geo-targeted (location-specific) lead generation campaign that will attract leads and drive them to your website, so you can convert them into sales. Cha-ching!

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social Media ads (like Facebook ads) are a popular and fairly inexpensive way to publicize your business. They are also great if you can target your ideal customers by age, gender, location and hobbies. Best of all, you can run these ads without spending big on budget – or letting it eat up all your time. Let our online marketing experts craft a winning social media ad campaign for your company, while you work on other aspects of your business.

E-mail Newsletters & Flyers

Sending out a mix of helpful information and subtle promotional messages in the form of email newsletters or flyers is a highly effective way to communicate a message, build a powerful mailing list, and generate qualified leads. WordJack will help you build your email marketing contact list and create messages to send to your customers that will keep them coming back for more.

Online PR Campaigns

PR (Public Relations) campaigns can help you notify current and potential customers about what’s going on in your industry and your business. Getting other website and news writers to pick up your story is when the benefit really multiplies! It all starts with an interesting story to grab your readers’ attention!

Campaigns to Get Reviews

Whose opinion do you trust most? Chances are, your friends and your family are high up on that list. That’s why it’s important to capitalize on the opportunity when someone says something nice about you—because when their friends and family find out about it, you might gain even more customers. Reviews and endorsements are very powerful tools. We’ll help you encourage your customers to write positive reviews or recommendations for your business on popular online review platforms for everyone to see.

Contests to Grow Social Media Fans

Contests are a great way to create excitement among your social media followers. Offering a prize, discount coupon, or even just recognition and bragging rights in return for some form of participation can turn a lifeless social media page with one-way communication into a space where everyone is participating, interacting, and sharing. We will coordinate social media contests on your behalf to stir up interest and interaction with your current and potential customers.

Get Results!get results

Business owners are the busiest people in the world. We know you don’t just need an “expert” telling you all the extra things you should do to market your business. And we know you can’t afford to spend money on marketing campaigns that don’t work. We believe that no marketing service is useful unless we can provide your very own dedicated web marketing manager to do all the work for you! Your web marketing manager will continuously measure your online activities, review their effectiveness, and develop your marketing plan to implement for the future. This ensures your marketing is effective, and your time is not wasted!

Get Results - Find Out How!

Dedicated Marketing Manager

Good help is sometimes hard to come by – especially when it comes to needing people who truly understand how to help with marketing and promoting a business in the online world. WordJack Web Marketing Managers are experts in their field and will become invaluable to your business’ online growth. Not only are they personally accountable for your marketing program, but they are also available for online research/coaching to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Strategy & Planning Review 

You should never rush into a marketing campaign. We will help you plan ahead and create a winning online strategy for your business that will benefit you for many years to come.

Monthly Analysis & Report

Simply running an online (or offline) marketing campaign is no good if you have no idea whether it’s working. Your WordJack marketing manager will monitor and analyze the effects of all your marketing campaigns and report the highlights and lowlights to you each month.

Online Research, Coaching & Help

Developing a partnership with your web marketing manager is a key to long-term success. Not only will we set up and handle most aspects of marketing your business online, but we will also thoroughly research your company and industry in order to coach you and help you make your business a smashing success!

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