4 Common Mistakes of Online Marketing with Twitter

Online marketing using Twitter can be hugely successful if done right. Building a solid online following and an interactive community can not only keep your current customers engaged with your business, but also attract potential customers and clients to your services. However, online marketing with Twitter can have its setbacks if it’s not done right. There are many common mistakes decision makers make when communicating through Twitter that can end up killing their marketing campaigns or even their business:

4 Common Mistakes of Online Marketing with Twitter

1)    Begging for Followers

Begging for people to follow your Twitter feed is like standing in the middle of a party and shouting “SOMEONE BE MY FRIEND!” When doing online marketing with Twitter, always make your posts relevant and have value, so people will want to follow you instead of following you out of pity.

2)    Forgetting that Twitter is Public

You would be surprised how many business owners forget that their company accounts are public and not for their own private use. Unfavorable behaviors such as political linking, profanity, taunting, and questionable images can cost you more than the followers you may lose.

3)    Constant Selling

Although it’s understandable that you want to get your online marketing message out to the crowd, it’s important to remember that Twitter is first and foremost a social platform to create a community between your business and your customers. Participating and encouraging discussions rather than focusing on selling will keep your followers engaged in your content and your products.

4)    Losing Your Cool

Even if someone disrespects your company online, it’s imperative to remain calm and professional at all times. Don’t take the chance to hurt your business’ online reputation by retaliating. Instead, offer the offender an olive branch of being able to contact your customer service directly to handle the matter offline.

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