Almost every small business website out there today has a “contact us” page, where potential customers can visit to get your company’s phone number, business address or contact you via e-mail. While almost every small business has this important page, some are better designed,  more user-friendly & informative, and more visually stimulating, and tend to end up being more successful than others. Because of this, there are some basic rules you can follow to maximize your businesses contact us page’s chances of success.

infographic - ways to improve the effectiveness of the contact page on your website

Below are 5 tips to ensure you’re getting the most benefit from your small business website’s contact us page!

wj-contact1. Include an Incentive & Strong Call to Action
Getting a user to your contact us page is only half the battle. Once you are able to get a user to your contact us page, it is important that you provide them with an incentive, as well as a strong call to action to ensure they do in fact contact or visit you. A good way to do this is simply by stating some of the most common things you might be able to do to help the client and why you do it better then anyone else. If you have any special offers, like free consultations/quotes or promotions/sales, be sure to highlight them quite prominently on this page, as well.


2. Use an Online E-mail Form that is Above the Fold
Today, most internet users use webmail platforms like Gmail instead of e-mail programs like Outlook, and because of this, it is important to use online e-mail forms on your contact us pages instead of the old mailto links (which open your default mail program… something most users today no longer use). By using an online e-mail form, you ensure that all users are able to easily e-mail you no matter what e-mail setup they happen to use. Also try to make sure that your e-mail form on your contact us page is  high enough on the page that a user doesn’t have to scroll down to see it (above the fold).


map-example3. Provide as Much Relevant Contact Info as Possible
Make sure that your phone number is clearly shown on your contact us page, so users who want to quickly call you have no trouble finding it. If you have physical business locations that might be relevant for a user, it is a good idea to list all of your address info, as well. On top of that, providing maps to your storefront locations and possibly even common driving directions from major nearby highways can also be useful for converting users into customers.


4. Include Some Form of Visual Aid
The contact us page doesn’t have to be the most visually appealing page of your website, but it should still include some form of visual stimulation to better keep your users’ attention. Simply adding something like a picture of the staff or a storefront image to the contact us page can add some basic visual aid to the page and potentially increase overall user response in a positive way.


mobilestats5. Make Sure it’s Mobile Friendly
A growing number of users are using their mobile devices or tablets for internet searches, which is why it is very important that your contact us page also be very mobile friendly. If your contact us page doesn’t appear correctly on a mobile device for a user, it could very well cost you that user’s business.


We hope you find these 5 tips useful in improving your small business’ contact us page!

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