How to Contact G Suite For Email Phone Support [infographic]

It’s hard to get real help from a real person these days! There’s no disputing the trend toward software that’s provided (quite economically!) as a service but the reality of the support is that you need to patience and research skills to use the support forums, or at best use a live-chat option.

This can be especially frustrating when it comes to something as important and complex as business email. And yet we’ve discovered that the phone support that Google provides for G Suite customers is actually excellent. Yes, I said Google!

This was one of the top reasons WordJack decided to become a G Suite Authorized Reseller.

We even use g suite for our own WordJack email and the moment we have a service or configuration difficulty we get directly on the phone with g-suite support. We recommend that course of action for anyone who’s paying for a g suite subscription. After all, you’re paying for the support so why not use it?

How to Contact G Suite For Email Phone Support

The only challenge maybe knowing exactly where to look to get a phone number and pin to reach G Suite. So we’ve created a short video to demonstrate how you can access your G suite support phone number and pin from the g suite admin panel.

How to Contact G Suite For Email Phone Support [infographic]

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