Internet marketersIf your business is looking for an even better way to target potential customers, Facebook, partnered with Datalogix, has now launched a new feature called “Partner Categories” that makes internet marketers’ jobs much easier!

With Partner Categories, you can target users who like a specific product (for example, their favorite type of breakfast cereal) and target advertising based on their location and purchase history.

Partner Categories allows internet marketers to specifically target one group of purchasers. The categories are broken down into subheadings with relevant details for each category, but no specific user data is included. It simply states how many people are in a category, their collective purchasing history, and how often they purchase that product.

New Facebook features for Internet marketers

The ultimate goal of Partner Categories is to make information in ads as relevant as information received through the Facebook news feed. These new targeting features give internet marketers a more accurate and effective way to reach specific target markets, and make for an overall better advertising experience for users on Facebook. For users themselves, the result will be improved ad targeting, with the advertisements they see focusing on things they are actually interested in, rather than generic ads which are often irrelevant.

While Partner Categories gives internet marketers more control over what type of person sees their ads, what it does not do is ensure that the ads will be a 100% relevant match to the users. In other words, any internet marketer can choose to target a group in a specific Partner Category, even if they do not sell the specific product targeted in that category. For example, if a user has an interest in children’s cereal, they may not only receive ads for Cocoa Puffs, but they may also receive ads for children’s toys or vitamins.

With Facebook’s new Partner Categories, internet marketers are now able to target their advertisements like never before, going straight for a target market that is more likely to respond to the advertisements and generate more revenue for their companies.

How Internet Marketers Can Take Advantage of Facebook’s New Partner Categories Feature

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