Wordjack Marketing Manager Tara ColleyWe recently hired three new marketing managers, and Tara Colley was one of them. Here’s a little bit more about her and the big plans she has for her clients.

What is your experience with digital marketing?

My passion for digital marketing started a little over five years ago when I started building websites and social media accounts for friends with small businesses as a hobby.  I found I had a real knack for it and decided to make it my full-time gig.

What made you decide to join the WordJack team?

I was actually a client of WordJack’s through my last employer. I really loved working with my marketing manager, Cindy, and was impressed by WordJack’s online marketing model.  When a position opened up at WordJack, there was no doubt in my mind it was meant to be!

What web marketing trends do you think are most important for small businesses right now?

I think videos are becoming as mandatory as a presence on Facebook. As a society, we want to look something up and get our answer quick without having to read a lot of text. But Google loves text, so there needs to be a balance of visual and written content from a marketing standpoint.

What do you hope to accomplish for your clients in the future?

Online success shown through good rankings, new leads, and great client reviews. My approach is client-centric, and when clients provide me with the information needed, we can win on the web.

What do you like most about working for WordJack so far?

The positive team atmosphere and the collective effort of all members of the team. We all help each other, as we each specialize in different areas.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy being active indoors and out trying and discovering new things with my dog, stepchildren, and fiancé.  I also love living by the bay — listening to the water ebb and flow is my favourite way to relax.

Is there anything else you’d like the WordJack team and your clients to know about you?

If there’s a way to reference sports during a conversation, I’ll find it.

Welcome to the team, Tara! We’re happy to have you with us at WordJack.

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