A Novice’s Guide to Linkbuilding

A Novice’s Guide to LinkbuildingThe world of internet marketing is diverse, and sometimes even a little bit complicated. While business often turn to strategies such as content marketing and using social media platforms to advertise the products and services they have to offer, linkbuilding is another valuable method. Here’s what you need to know about this process.

Links are important because, for every link that points to your website as a valuable resource, the higher your website will rank among search engines. But that doesn’t mean you should get a link to your webpage on every other possible webpage out there; unfortunately, not all of these links are valuable. The four factors that contribute to the value of the link are:

  • How relevant the site linking to yours is to your website
  • The actual text that links the two sites
  • The strength of the site pointing to yours
  • The number and position of the links on the page

A Novice’s Guide to Linkbuilding

There are three linkbuilding tactics that many businesses use to promote their services. The first of these is article linking. When an article is posted on the web, they can attribute their sources, or the author can mention and link to a site where they consistently post, thus connecting the two sites together.  Secondly, business can also have links posted in valuable directories through the process of directory submissions. And lastly, forum posting can also be a valuable linkbuilding tactic. When it’s done correctly, users can post comments on forums and blogs that can build traffic to their website.

If you are interested in using this form of web marketing, talk to the company that handles your marketing strategies to help you start taking advantage of this process.


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