[Quick Tips] 3 Simple Ways to Get More “Likes” on Facebook

There’s no denying that Facebook is a must-have social media tool if you’re a small business owner. Facebook makes it easier for you to communicate with your clients, build customer loyalty, and promote awareness of your brand.

[Quick Tips] 3 Simple Ways to Get More “Likes” on Facebook

Now, accumulating “likes” on your Facebook page shouldn’t be the end goal of your online marketing strategy, since not all of your new “likes” will necessarily translate into new business for your company. However, having a lot of “likes” does help promote your brand, as well as lend credibility to your company’s satisfaction rating. Check out these 3 easy ways to get more “likes” on Facebook:

1. Update your page with posts that people are more likely to share. It may be your instinct to constantly promote your products or services to your Facebook audience, but doing it too often risks annoying them and giving them a reason to “un-like” your page. In addition to occasional promotional tweets, you should also post links to interesting articles that might be helpful to your audience. It’s also good to post funny photos or jokes; after all, isn’t boredom the main reason that people browse Facebook for hours?

2. Hold contests. Everyone loves contests! You can offer a free product or perhaps a small discount coupon as the prize for the best caption, best joke, best photo entry, etc. You can also just choose a random winner (e.g., “Share this photo for a chance to win a $10 off coupon!”).

3. Give incentives to customers who “check in” at your establishment. When a person “checks in” at your store, his or her status update will reflect the name of your business. (E.g., “John Smith: Having an awesome slice of apple pie – at Café Serendipity.”)  This update gets shared with friends on his news feed, thus not only promoting awareness of the café, but also serving as a positive customer review! It’s up to you what kind of incentive to offer—a dollar off, a free refill, 5% off next purchase, etc. (Of course, the customer should show to you on their phone that they really did “check in” at your business before you reward them. If your business isn’t the type that has a retail shop front, you can ask customers to tag your Facebook page in their status update instead.)

What other strategies have you used to gain more likes on Facebook? Share with us in the comments!

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