Online videos are a very powerful tool . . . and they’re simpler than ever for local businesses to create and publish. Did you know the average person watches 4 online videos a day? We are visual beings. We love rich content and videos . . . but did you know Google also LOVES videos? After all, they do own YouTube.

Have you noticed videos show up in your search engine results?

I sure have!  I’ve seen my clients’ search ranks climb up the search engine charts within weeks after uploading and distributing their video to a few different sites . . . and most of the time, those pages show up in higher places than their website itself.

Google “spiders” love “social signals” (likes, shares, comments), and remember people love videos, so they love to share them and talk about them, too – so this also has an impact on your search rankings. Why do you want that? So people can find your business first!

Here are a few tips to make the most of your videos:

  • Make sure to post (embed) YouTube videos on your website.
  • You should also make sure your video titles, descriptions (metadata), etc. are search engine optimized and include your keywords.
  • Include your contact info (phone #, URL and location address) in video description.
  • For the most part, your videos should be short & sweet.

Your video to promote your business doesn’t need to be a blockbuster movie. With technology today, it’s simple to create and distribute a video, but make sure your video is optimized for your audience and of course, Google.


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