Our Top 9 Local Search Optimization Tips for Your Google My Business Listing

When you set up a Google My Business (GMB) account to boost your local search optimization efforts, you get more than just a business listing. Your account lets you easily connect with customers, offer details about your business, share photos and reviews, and ultimately, take charge of your first impression. Plus, it’s free!

Our Top 9 Local Search Optimization Tips for Your Google My Business Listing

Here are our top nine local search optimization tips for your GMB listing:

1. Get Reviews – If you do nothing else, ask your customers for reviews and give them instructions on exactly where to go to leave a review! Get the link directly to your GMB review screen (here’s how), so your customers are not guessing. Don’t obsess about having a perfect 5-star rating. Having descriptive, genuine reviews and consistently getting more is the goal!

2. Create an engaging description—Use this section to describe your business and what it does. Make sure you stay within the 750-character limit.

3. Fully fill out the attributes section—People who want to engage with your business need some basic details about it. Accurately fill out this section with facts about your business.

4. Outline your services—Customers want to know exactly what your business can help them with. The “services” section of your GMB profile is the place to do it.

5. Upload great photos—Photos are an engaging way to showcase your business and what it does. Plus, current photos show that your business is active and engaging.

6. Respond to reviews—Responding to both positive and negative reviews shows that you care about your customers and what they have to say. Answering reviews also gives you the chance to improve your SEO efforts in a way that targets your services and location. (Example: Thanks for your review about our plumbing services! The next time you need a plumber in Hickory, NC, give us a call!)

7. Create regular posts—Posting on your GMB profile is a valuable way to connect with existing and potential customers. You can share announcements, offers, new or popular items, or event details directly with your customers.

8. Build a free website—You can create a free mobile-optimized GMB website in just a few clicks to represent your business. Even though you probably already have a website, this feature can provide some extra SEO benefits.

9. Check Your Business Info – and then check it again. Make sure you have a perfect match between GMB and your website in the way you spell your business name, address, phone & website. Do you use “St.” or “Street”? Is there an “Inc.” or “LLC” in your business name? Choose how you’ll write these things and always do it the same way!

What have we missed? Are there any other local search optimization tips for GMB that would make your top 9?

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