WordJack Media Welcomes Mike Anderson as VP of Sales

Mike recently joined the senior management team at WordJack. A number of us have already had the pleasure of working with Mike at Canpages and Ziplocal many years ago. As is the tradition when a new team member joins WordJack, I sat down with Mike and asked him a few questions so our employees and customers could learn a little more about him.

Welcomes Mike Anderson as VP of SalesThe photo is of Mike relaxing on the weekend– NOT how he turned up to have this discussion with me!

1. Firstly, Mike, welcome to WordJack! We’re thrilled to have you leading our sales efforts. Can you start by giving us some background on your recent jobs leading you to here?

Thank you. I am honoured to join WordJack. I have spent my whole career in sales — starting with door-to-door sales (life insurance) and slowly finding my way to the advertising sector. I worked my way from a sales rep to a trainer and then into management. I was given the opportunity to work for large incumbent businesses and also with small start-ups. I have worked in Europe for the past 8 years. Most of that time was helping a company transform its core business from print to digital. I also spent about a year working with the largest weather company in the world turning around an enterprise software sales team.

2. You’re certainly not new to the digital advertising industry. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen over the last 10 years or so?

First, let me start with what hasn’t changed. In this space, content is king, and that has become even more apparent over the last few years. What has changed is how to share/present that content, and with the sudden and disruptive move from computers to mobile devices and the impact of social media, businesses today struggle to keep up, but most importantly, they find it difficult to create fresh content and make sure they are well represented wherever a potential or existing client may choose to search.

3. Looking into the crystal ball now (a year or 2 will do!) – where do you see the biggest changes coming when it comes to local business owners getting digital marketing services?

That’s a hard question, and I assume everyone is trying to know what the next few years looks like – in my opinion, I think we will eventually see the end of the old Yellow Page companies and a convergence of sorts of the small players who have started up trying to fill that vacuum. The SMB sector has been underserved for a long time and the full service model will become more and more appealing to business owners who will come to the realization that they simply do not have the time or expertise to effectively manage this.

4. So when you go to a weekend BBQ and tell someone you’ve joined WordJack, I’m sure they ask, “What’s WordJack all about?” I’m dying to know what you tell them!

I first ask them how they would look for a specific product, service or company. I then explain that the number of ways to find what your looking for is fragmented — we at WordJack Media are experts in ensuring that no matter how a prospective or existing customer is looking, our clients are represented —  with fresh and relevant content. That what makes us different– we do all the heavy lifting for our clients. Each client is assigned their own Marketing Managed whose sole purpose in life is to make sure our clients succeed

5. Boiler room or Glengarry Glen Ross?

No question– Glengarry Glen Ross (where are the good leads?) 🙂

6. If a local business is thinking about joining WordJack, what are the 3 most important things they should be asking their Media Consultant to decide if WordJack is appropriate for them?

Firstly, time. How much time and effort do they need to expend to keep themselves current and visible? Either they spend a lot of time, which means they are not focused on their day job. Or they spend virtually no time, which means they are losing untold opportunities

Secondly, effectiveness. How will they measure success? We actually send a report card of exactly how we have performed every month and work with our clients to ensure we are always on top of their expectations. Other than very large and expensive agencies, this is one of our differentiators.

Thirdly, cost effectiveness. Just freeing up the time currently spent on managing their digital presence has a positive impact on cost – but getting found with relevant information directed to the type of business they want to win is critical to every business’ success  – this is what we live for.

7. When you’re not hard at work (and you’re not rehearsing your elevator pitch at BBQs), what do you like doing in your spare time?

I am an avid runner and horrible golf player, and I love to take road trips on my motorbike.

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