Up to 20 Email Addresses

We can create up to 20 email addresses for your business.

When people email your business, you want to come off as professional as possible. But if you’re still using an email address with Hotmail, Gmail, or another common handle in it, this might not give off the desired effect you want to present to your potential customers and clients.

Up to 20 Email Addresses

Partner with us at WordJack Media, and we’ll help your business come off as professional as possible with up to 20 email addresses. These addresses will look something like this: [email protected].

Because we know it’s probably more than just you running your business on an everyday basis, we’ll give you up to 20 email addresses the members on your team can use. As a result, you can create cohesive communication among your employees and continue to present a professional front to the customers who contact your business.

If at any point you want to add more email addresses or expand your reach, let your marketing manager know. They’re here for you and want to make sure that your Collingwood, Ontario business continues to thrive and win on the web.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about boosting your business’ professionalism and reach on the web with our web marketing packages. To talk to someone about getting up to 20 email addresses for your business or to learn more about our services, reach out to us today.

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