I Have Never Had a Website This Good!

I was looking for a website designer who had some knowledge in the service industry I am in. WordJack was recommended to me by several other soft wash companies I know. I met a sales rep from WordJack at a soft washing conference in Orlando, Florida and started talking to her.

I Have Never Had a Website This Good!

I needed a website that told my customers what we can do for them. I also needed guidance with content. I needed someone to tell me where my site could be improved so that Google would rank it where I needed it to be.

My experience with WordJack has been fantastic. My sales rep and marketing manager have made great suggestions and explained to me why something should be done in a certain way. When I have suggestions or observations, they are open to listen and discuss. If I have a question that I don’t know how to express clearly, they take the time to talk and ask questions until they understand.

My marketing manager is open to suggestions and offers his opinions on ideas. We have phone meetings fairly regularly to go over results, possible changes that need to be made, and suggestions for blog ideas.
I like that WordJack has built many websites for companies in the industry I am in. I don’t have to start from nothing. I also like the fact that they encourage monthly meetings to discuss ideas and direction. We have seen an increase in website traffic and have noticed that people seem to be staying on our site longer.

The WordJack team has been very good to deal with. Their explanations and suggestions have guided my decisions on content. I have never had a website this good! I feel like my site and SEO are making progress in the right direction.


Denver Klassen
Denver’s Window Cleaning & SoftWash
Steinbach, MB

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