Legacy Saddlebreds LLCWe used to work with another online marketing company and were paying an astronomical amount of money per month with very little return. We wanted to maximize our advertising efforts, and the leads we were getting from our previous provider were not matching the amount of money we were paying. We were also not getting the customer service we thought we deserved.

The plans that WordJack offered, plus the great customer service that is provided from our Marketing Manager since she works with a limited number of clients, just made sense to us. We were able to cut our monthly marketing bill by a third, and we are seeing more leads each week than we used to each month.

Our website traffic has dramatically increased. With a new facet of our business launching and becoming larger than we had originally anticipated (an event venue), WordJack was able to see our needs and help us alter our plans to make sure that both sides of the business would get the amount of attention they needed in order to reach our goals.

Our sales representative was very helpful in getting us started with WordJack. She made the different options easy to understand and was able to place us with a Marketing Manager who could understand our needs and help us tremendously.

Our marketing manager is punctual, thorough, and always there to answer any questions I have. She also frequently comes up with great ideas to help us grow our online visibility. She is more on top of our website and things that need to be changed than I am sometimes! If I forget to give her information she needs, she reminds me. I love having a personal relationship with my marketing manager and her ability to understand what we need to do and why to get the most out of our website.

Overall, our experience with WordJack has been EXCELLENT! The turnaround times on updates to our website are very quick. The quality of customer service and the results we have seen have surpassed my expectations. The price point is affordable to a small business, especially since we are actually getting leads that turn into recurring customers.

WordJack really does seem to have our best interest at heart, instead of just thinking of our company as another number and only contacting us if we reach out. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses!

Sondra Warren
Legacy Saddlebreds
4151 Thomasville Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27107

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