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Quick Commerce Pages are now available for all WordJack clients!

We know everyone is trying to re-think how their business looks in this “social distancing” phase. If there was ever a time we needed digital communication, this is it! Many of our clients are working to find low-contact ways of service delivery – like phone/skype consultations, in-home rather than showroom visits, and online ordering.

A full ecommerce solution often involves a lot of planning and building your exact requirements for a store. But what if you don’t want to wait? And what if your online ordering requirements are pretty simple? For example:

  • pick your quantity
  • pick your color (or size, style, whatever)
  • flat shipping price
  • enter contact/delivery details
  • enter credit card
  • boom!

If that sums it up for you, a Quick Commerce Page may be perfect. Take a look at this page, and the order form at the bottom – if your product can fit into this kind of structure, then let’s talk! Contact your Web Marketing Manager to get started – once we have your product info, we can get this up and running in 3 business days!


The Amazing Sauce

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