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If you are like many business owners, you may find that during the holiday season, your business slows to a crawl and you are left wondering when things will pick back up. What can you do to connect with your customers during the holiday season and emphasize that it is a great time for them to take advantage of your services? Even though you may be dreading the holiday slump, the weeks leading up to and the weeks following the holidays may still be a good opportunity for customer outreach. Here are three marketing strategies we often use to take advantage of the holiday season for our small business clients.

1. Seasonal Blog Posts- Does your business provide specific services that are especially beneficial during the holidays, but you find that most customers miss out on the opportunity? Seasonal blog posts are a great way to let your target audience know that they can keep their home warmer, their vehicles working better, or get those upgrades that they have needed all year but have been putting them off. Seasonal blog posts inform your readers that your company is ready to assist them regardless of changes in routine and schedule. 

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2. Social Media Boost- Do you find that your typical social media posts are just selling products and services? While utilizing social media regularly is great, holiday-related posts are an opportunity to take a different approach. While you may choose to tie in service offerings with your holiday posts, you can also use this opportunity to remind your followers, circles, and friends that you are thinking of them and are thankful for their business during the holiday season. As they flip through their social media pages, they will see that you are able to connect on a personal level in addition to providing great services.

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3. Special Holiday Deal Pages- Do you usually run a holiday special or offer discounts during the holiday season? Do you find that most of your customers don’t even know your holiday deal exists? One solution you may find helpful is to create a page specifically for your holiday deals and add it to your website. Any customers looking for your services will see that they can get the services they need using your convenient holiday deal options.

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Do you love the idea of these holiday business boosters, but you aren’t really sure where to begin? Contact us at WordJack Media, and we will be happy to get your business on its way to a fruitful holiday season. Our team can write those seasonal blog posts, assist with your holiday social media posting, and create your holiday deal pages so you are free to serve your customers while enjoying increased online traffic. Let’s get started today!

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