Collingwood Web DesignThe web design process is about so much more than the way a website looks when it pops up on your computer screen. To see exactly what we mean, here are three surprising things you might not know about website design.

  1. Websites Show Up Differently on Different Browsers – When your friend looks at a website on Safari using their iPhone, it could look completely different than the way the same website looks when you view it using Google Chrome on your computer. This is all thanks to a process called parsing and rendering, which determines how browsers decipher and display code on a screen. While some browsers won’t recognize certain code at all, others will load it in a very specific order.
  2. Web Design Determines How Users React- Successful websites have a clear layout that directs users to the most useful type of information, whether it be a blog or another form of content that’s important to the organization. If users can’t find what they’re looking for quickly when they visit your website, there’s a good chance they’ll go somewhere else.
  3. A Two-Year-Old Website Could be too Old- The devices used to access websites and websites are consistently and rapidly changing. For this reason, the way websites are designed must change, as well. If you want your website to remain relevant and current, its design needs to welcome the latest search engine algorithms, browser compatibility updates, and coding standards.
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