Meet Jane. Jane owns a flower shop. Jane’s flower shop has been in business for 15 years.

To get new customers, she advertises in Yellow Pages, local newspapers and a few different websites she’s been experimenting with.
Lately she’s found that she spends too much of her time managing her advertising and not enough time with her customers!  She is overwhelmed, and isn’t even sure it’s working!

Plus it’s getting expensive…

Jane has heard there are smarter ways reach people online and engage with clients but doesn’t know where to start
What Jane really needs is a Marketing Manager…but can’t afford one. And even if she could afford one…the last thing she needs is another employee to train and manage.  She needs an expert who knows more about web marketing than she does.

Then Jane spoke to WordJack Media to help with her marketing. And immediately, a few things started to change:

Jane was introduced to Clark. Clark was Jane’s web marketing manager – who was responsible for Jane’s internet marketing – just like her very own marketing guy!

He understands what works and what doesn’t, so he’s only interested in doing what will really work for Jane’s business
Clark started with an audit of Jane’s presence all over the web, and created a plan to bring her more customers!

Clark made sure Jane’s flower shop was optimized on all the important local search sites. Thanks to a web video Clark created, she also started to be found on major video. Jane hadn’t heard of all these sites…and was surprised to hear how many potential customers she was missing out on.

Clark started a blog for her, writing new and interesting stories about flowers and gift giving! With a quick call to Clark, Jane can now tell the world about what she does or share interesting stories about her employees, her shop and her customers – all via her blog
Clark also set Jane up on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook, so clients and friends can keep track of updates on how the shop is doing, as well as share Jane’s stories and photos with all of THEIR friends.

But Clark didn’t stop there! He wanted to really impress Jane by getting more people into her store to buy flowers! So Clark ran Ad campaigns on Google, and email marketing to Jane’s contact list.

The month after that, Clark added Facebook Advertising, coupon marketing and PR campaigns to the mix, and Jane really started to see business pick up!

Clark is able to focus on what is working and eliminate what is not. After all, Jane’s flower shop is not the same as the next business, so her web advertising has to be different as well.

Jane can leave all that to Clark. It’s Clark’s job to use the internet to bring as many customers to Jane’s business as he can – afterall, he’s her web marketing manager!

Now Jane has more customers, and more time to spend with them without fussing about her advertising! And best of all, she has it all for a fraction of what she was spending before.

Could your business benefit from a WordJack web marketing manager like Clark? Call us for a free audit of your web presence, and they’ll start making a difference today!

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