Most businesses out there have used some form of online paid advertising to help promote their website. The most prominent of these “Pay-Per-Click” or “PPC” type platforms is Google AdWords, which allows companies to pay for placement at the top and side of Google results for relevant keywords. While Google AdWords is very effective, it can also be rather expensive, especially for companies in certain industries, such as insurance, loans, mortgages, attorneys and so on, for which can cost a fortune for every click. All online paid advertising really just comes down to the return on investment (ROI) and because of this, Google AdWords isn’t always the best PPC solution for all businesses.

fbOver the years, many different companies have come out with their own PPC platforms, some of which are quite “effective” and “affordable”, while others are “questionable” and downright “shady”. Due to this, is it important that whichever PPC platform you choose, it is one you trust! While there are several different trustworthy PPC platforms out there, today, I will be discussing one in particular; Facebook!

Facebook PPC Advertising offers businesses a very viable alternative to Google AdWords. Their PPC practices overall are very trustworthy, effective & affordable, and they offer you the ability to advertise your company/brand in several different ways. While most of their advertising solutions are aimed at promoting your Facebook presence, they do offer a website click-aimed advertising solution that works similar to Google AdWords. In Facebook’s case, the ads are fed into relevant users’ feeds/pages based on specific filters you set up when creating your advertising campaign. This allows you to target your ad to very relevant users using a different yet just as effective method as Google AdWords.

FB PPC Marketing/Advertising

What we have found so far is that, just like Google AdWords, website click campaigns through Facebook can range quite a bit in cost & effectiveness; however, overall, Facebook tends to drive more clicks at a cheaper price with more user actions, which is a win, win, win! Some of our Facebook website click campaigns have been so successful that they have gotten stats that are next to impossible to achieve on Google AdWords, such as 10% click-through-rates and 4 cent click costs, with lower bounce rates, more time on site, more pages visited and so on. If fact, in many cases, Facebook website click campaigns have shown themselves to be very effective and affordable for many of our clients, and they offer a very viable alternative or addition to a client’s other PPC marketing activities.

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