Keyword Analysis – Target Keyword Analysis Services, Collingwood ONLet’s say you own a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company and you want people who are looking for those services in your area to be able to find you online so they can call you and hire you. How do you know what those people are searching for so you can make sure those phrases (called keywords) have a heavy presence on your website, increasing the odds that you will rank high on search results? Two words: keyword analysis.

There are probably a few keywords that are obviously tied to your business and that, ideally, you want to rank on. In this hypothetical example, “bathroom remodeling”, “kitchen remodeling”, and just plain old “remodeling” are probably keywords you want to rank for. But those might be really competitive—what if there are a hundred kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies in your area? It’s going to be tough to get traction on Google if those are the only phrases you’re gunning for.

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