In 2012, online sales on Black Friday were up nearly 21% over 2011. And of those online sales, more than 16% occurred on mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, as shown in this online shopping infographic from IBM.

infographic - black friday 2012 mobile trends

Today, mobile online marketing involves a whole lot more than having a good website. Mobile marketing incorporates text message marketing, mobile apps, location-based marketing, and more. Here are 4 quick tips for ramping up your mobile online marketing strategy:

  1. Provide value– Before you send out your mobile message, think about what’s in it for the person who views it. If it’s just an ad, they’re going to delete it immediately. If it’s a coupon or special offer, they are much more likely to pay attention.
  2. Create a sense of urgency– Make sure your target audience is encouraged to act now, before they forget or change their mind. If that BOGO lunch deal at your café is only good until 3:00pm today, they’ll have to take action immediately or lose it.
  3. Consider a contest– Have you ever thought about holding a competition for who can create the best or most entertaining amateur video using their smartphone or tablet of someone using your product or service? Contests create a community among your customers and encourage interaction.
  4. Integrate with other marketing strategies– Mobile marketing works best when it’s linked with advertisements or offers in other platforms, like TV, radio, your website, or a live event. If someone sees or hears the same message in more than one place, they are much more likely to remember it.


Have you implemented any new strategies in online marketing to handle an increase in mobile usage? (and keep in mind, that covers more than just online transactions!) What’s on your to-do list for 2013? Let us know in the comments below.

Mobile Shopping on the Rise: Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Right?

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