pinterest launching advertisingIn a message to Pinterest users last week, CEO Ben Silbermann flagged “we’re going to start experimenting with promoting certain pins” because “it’s so important that Pinterest is a service that will be here to stay”. Not entirely surprising and seemingly the prerequisite “coming of age” of any large-ish social network these days!

Silbermann seemed to be saying all the right things in the announcement – we’re not going to bombard users with advertising, we’re going to make sure it’s an effective ad product for advertisers, we’re telling you all this ahead of time and not being sneaky…..a trustworthy approach.

At WordJack, it’s our business to keep up to date with advertising options like this to see how we can use it to our client’s advantage. With >90% of WordJack clients drawing business from within 50 miles of their place of business, the question for us will be “how local?”.

It’s likely the exercise for Pinterest will commence with invite-only market trials of large national brands as they define and prove the ad product and work out their pricing strategy. We see a tremendous opportunity in Pinterest ads for local business – especially for builders, renovators and kitchen/bath remodeling businesses. But that will ultimately be a question for whether Pinterest has a viable ad product if they slice their user base with that much granularity!

We’ll be watching this space with Pinterest…..

(and other shameful puns)

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