Considering a Professional Website Company? The Benefits in Three Examples

In today’s market, it’s almost essential that you have some kind of online presence for your business. So, what if you could take your web presence to the next level without having to sweat over the details that go into making a professional, functional website? While many business owners get stuck in the trap of relying on social media outlets as their sole resource for customer outreach, these three businesses found great benefit in using WordJack Media as their professional website company.

Considering a Professional Website Company? The Benefits in Three Examples

CMT Security Systems – New Website Creation

Sometimes we talk with small business owners who have primarily gained a customer base by word-of-mouth. However, these business owners also know there is a need for continued growth, and a well-built website would help them achieve their goals.

CMT Security Systems had a basic landing page for customers who happened across them online – and while landing pages can be a great start for an online presence, this company had no active pages, working links or further product and service information available. By discussing their vision and goals, we were able to create the site they needed to move their business forward and improve their online marketing campaign.


CMT Before





Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Leland – Acquisitions

Another instance in which it is beneficial to have a professional website company like WordJack Media is an acquisition. Whether your company was recently acquired OR you are acquiring another business yourself, it can be difficult to create unique web content for each location while also retaining some resemblance of a united group.

In this case, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing purchased a small plumbing company, and the entire website for that company needed to be redone to reflect the values, products and services of the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise. While WordJack wanted the theme of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to be present in style and color on their new site, we also needed to include completely unique content so this new business would rank well in online searches for their area. The result is a fresh, new design for this company that also gives them an improved web presence overall.


Benjamin Before


Benjamin After


Brock Live Events – Rebranding

Lastly, a professional website company can be a great investment when you are an established business, but your website needs an update. Are you pinched for time to update your content or write regular blogs? Would you prefer your site to be more engaging and inviting?

Brock Live Events has been around for several years, but they were having trouble creating a website that accurately reflected what their business offers to potential customers. We were able to transform their incomplete website into an engaging and exciting new site with all-new content and opportunities for customers to see their business in action.


Brock Before




Brock After


In each of these three instances, we were able to create, improve, and grow each business’ web presence and online marketing — which also helped them grow their business. In addition, each of these businesses allows our team at WordJack to assist in the creation of new website content, ensure their pages are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, and take care of routine blogging and social media updates.

It’s worth considering whether an investment in your business through the use of a professional website company will help you achieve your goals as your company grows and expands. At WordJack Media, we like to help small and medium-sized businesses with their online presence, so they can focus on what’s important – their business.

If you have questions about how we can assist you with the creation of or an update to your website, contact us to get started.

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