[Quick Tips] 6 Ways to Use Instagram to Market Your Business

A client recently asked me about how they could use Instagram to market their business. I helped them devise a strategy and thought the info might also be useful to our blog readers, so take a look!

[Quick Tips] 6 Ways to Use Instagram to Market Your Business

I definitely think setting up an Instagram account is a great idea for any business. In my opinion it is becoming equally as important as Twitter and Facebook in terms of reaching out to new customers. In the future, I expect that Instagram will eventually become more important than both platforms.

I personally find that to be successful on Instagram, you need a strategy, just like any other social platform. This strategy is similar to Twitter and Pinterest, but differs slightly, as Instagram is entirely picture-based and uses very minimal text. In order to be successful and gain a significant following you need to:

1) Post interesting pictures. Share unique content that would make people want to follow you and continue following you in months/years to come. I would suggest that you avoid using too many similar photos, ads, and pictures that you yourself would pass over if you were the viewer.

2) Reach out. You need to take the time to reach out to other users on Instagram and follow current and potential customers as often as possible. This way, your business will show up on their feed, and encourage them to check you out, as well. If they like what they see and find your content interesting, there’s a good chance they will follow you back!

3) Post at least one picture a week (though I would suggest two a week or more if this is something you can manage). But more important than the rate of posting content is ensuring that whatever you post is interesting, engaging, and visually attractive. Having a thoughtful tag, or an engaging comment below the picture also helps to start a conversation with your followers.

4) Add an Instagram badge to your website. If you have a WordPress site, here’s the plugin.

5) Write positive comments and “like” other people’s pictures. This is another way to reach out to customers. I would try, however, to make sure that you ‘like’ photos that you actually do like, or things that are relevant to your target market . . . not just ‘like’ things for the sake of ‘liking’, as you wouldn’t necessarily come off as genuine this way.

6) Run promotions. Every so often, it may be a good idea to include some sort of promotion, charity event, or giveaway on your feed. For example: “if this picture receives 100 likes, we will donate $100 to XYZ charity”. By creating an event or incentive to ‘like’ something on your feed, you will significantly increase your following!

In conclusion, like any other social platform, the key to success on Instagram is making sure to spend the time and put in the effort whenever possible to ensure that your feed is something you would like to follow. On Instagram, time and effort will certainly pay off in your favour!

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