web developer serviceMy little girl complained to me the other day that her brother was always copying her.  Like so many times before, I heard myself saying those same words that my parents used to tell me when I made the same complaint: “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”.  The words didn’t hit home, I could tell.  Not because I saw something in her eyes, but because two minutes later, she was complaining to her mother about the exact same thing . . .

To my daughter, being unique is the priority . . . at all costs.

In my life, as a web marketer for small businesses, originality is important, but often my clients can’t afford to be on the bleeding edge.  They’d much rather emulate something that is proven and effective,

For example, many of my website design clients come to me with a site they love and want something “similar”, or they’ll come to me with an online example of the functionality they’d like to build into their existing site.  The trick for me is to save my clients time and money by not having to rebuild their desired functionality from scratch.  That’s where a tool like WPThemeDetector.com comes in handy.

When a client comes to me with a WordPress site that they want to emulate, I can quickly use the WPThemeDetector web application to identify the core theme, as well as the plugins used to create the functional experience and user interaction.  I just have to enter the URL of the site I want to emulate and the application does the rest, providing me with the theme, the theme provider and any plugins used on the site.

Recently, a real estate client came to us with a new treatment for displaying their listings.  They loved the treatment that was being used by one of the other realtors in their brokerage . . . but they wanted a few additional modifications.  By using WPThemeDetector.com we were quickly able to identify both the theme and the specific listing plugin that was being used by their office mate and were able to enhance it to our client’s specification.  The result: a happy client in less time and at lower cost than they ever thought possible!


About the Author: Matt Jackson is a digital marketing enthusiast and an entrepreneur. He is Co-founder of WordJack Media, a web marketing agency dedicated to helping small businesses compete online with their deep-pocketed rivals, at a fraction of the cost.

WordJack Media provides a wide range of website design and online marketing solutions to clients throughout Canada and the US, including Collingwood ON, Ottawa ON, Barrie ON, Miami FL, Lakeland FL, Orlando FL, Charlotte NC, Hickory NC, Asheville NC and more. Contact WordJack Media today for more information about how we can help your business win on the web!

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