rebecca lindA fun part about working in a growing business is welcoming new people to the team all the time! This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Rebecca Lind – WordJack’s newest Web Marketing Manager.

Isaac: Welcome to WordJack, Rebecca! Is it always Rebecca, or do you go by a nickname?

Rebecca: I go by Rebecca. There are a many abbreviations that my friends and family have tried on over the years, though.


Isaac: You’ve only been here all of a week, but what are your impressions of WordJack so far?

Rebecca: I really like WordJack’s core values. I think its important to feel good about where you work, and know that everyone’s in it for the right reasons. My dad is a small business owner, and so I really see the value of what WordJack offers small and medium-sized business to help them succeed in the online world.


Isaac: You come from a marketing background….what’s your favorite area of web marketing?

Rebecca: I (along with many others at this time!) am really excited about content marketing. I have a writing background, so am happy that content has emerged as a key player in online marketing. Anything is better when framed by a story!


Building a great website increases a business’ efficiency by giving potential customers the info that they are looking for quickly and easily, and by help build trust on many levels.


Isaac: I believe Web marketing managers are the most important people at WordJack – what can your clients expect from you as their marketing manager?

Rebecca: Wow – you shouldn’t pick favourites! ; ) I like to think that I will try to find solutions with the support of the awesome leadership and production team here, and with some good creative problem solving if needed. Happy clients = happy Rebecca.


Isaac: What’s the most important thing in an online campaign for a local business?

Rebecca: That one is a tricky one, but if I had to pick just one thing, it would be a great website. I am amazed when have to call up local businesses and ask for their hours of operation. Building a great website increases a business’ efficiency by giving potential customers the info that they are looking for quickly and easily, and by help build trust on many levels. That allows businesses to focus on great customer service when all those new customers walk through the door!!

A business’ website is the foundation for all good campaigns. Whether a business is interested in building more brand awareness via social media, communicating with customers via a well crafted email newsletter, or running an online ad campaign, there is need a for a place for people to end up. You can track your success so easily, too, so it’s a great way to measure how hard your marketing money is working for you.


Isaac: Got any predictions for online trends for the second half of the year?

Rebecca: I have to admit…. I’m not up on my tech blogs at the moment (Isaac’s mental note: that’s about to change!). My best guess is that mobile will continue to increase as smart phones and tablets continue to become more accessible to people, and businesses continue to build their presence out online. I’d like to think that companies will start using the awesome analytic tools available to measure the efficiency of their digital marketing spends, but know that requires using their one un-renewable resource…. time. So we’ll see on that!


Isaac: And in your spare time? What’s the hobby you spend the most time doing? and what hobby do you wish you had more time for?

Rebecca: I have many passions, but at this time of year, it is all about gardening. Spring has already flown by, and I get panicked that I have not planted enough. I have both a vegetable and a perennial garden. This lends itself to my second favourite warm-weather hobby: canning and preserving. I grew up on a 100 acre farm, and developed a love for putting things in jars early in life. It’s become trendy again (which is amazing!) as I think it’s a great way to look after yourself and the ones around you.


Isaac: And that’s our quick intro to Rebecca. But her clients will hear plenty from her in the coming months!

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