Collingwood Small Business SEOIf you’re new to the world of SEO, you’re probably overwhelmed by the abundance of information about it out there. Although we’re always here to help you figure things out when it comes to your search engine optimization efforts in Collingwood, Ontario, here are four simple SEO tips to help you get things off the ground:

  1. Always add a meta description—When you give your page a meta description, you decide how Google will describe it when it pops up in search results. Just make sure you keep your description short and to the point, and you don’t exceed the viewable character maximum (~150 chars).
  2. Keep your titles short and sweet—There’s only a certain number of characters that are shown on search result pages. By keeping your titles under this character maximum, you make sure that your full titles will show up on screen.
  3. Only use one H1 tag—When it comes down to it, the H1 tag is the most critical piece of text on any webpage, since it lets Google know what the page is all about. Having multiple H1 tags on your pages will confuse Google, and you’ll end up being penalized for it.
  4. Stick to your topic—The SEO content you develop for your webpage should be focused on one subject and one subject only. For example, if you’re putting together a page on dog food, you should only write about dog food on that page. By adding in other topics, you’ll get less out of your keyword research.

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