Closing the Deal: Successfully Responding to Service Requests Online

When you’ve taken the time to create a website for your business, it’s likely that you hope to generate new business leads from your pages. With your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosting your online rankings and a fresh website explaining the services you have to offer, there is a good chance you’ll hear back from potential customers once they discover you have the services you need.

So, what exactly do you do when you get an email asking for help? What is the best way to close the deal and earn new business from an online request? Here are three quick tips:

  • Respond In a Timely Fashion

If you have an automatic response set up that says you will get back to them soon, don’t wait a week, or you may have missed an opportunity. Try responding to your new potential customers within the hour — or at the very least in the same day that they request more information. You can even let your customers know on your contact form your estimated response time.

“We’ll get back to you within 3 hours!”

  • Write in Complete Sentences

While it may be tempting to write a quick response back when you receive an online service request simply saying, “We have availability Tuesday and Wednesday,” taking the time to write out a thoughtful answer may actually produce better results. Try something like this for example:

“Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for requesting more information through our online contact form. We would be happy to provide the services you need!

We have appointments available on Tuesday at 3:00pm and Wednesday at 4:00pm. Would either of those work for you? We look forward to working with you!”

Not only does this response thank your new customer for choosing your business, but you are actively engaging them in the process of creating an appointment.

  • Keep It On the Calendar

Once you have booked your appointment, make sure you follow all of the normal procedures like you would with a customer who calls over the phone. List your new appointment on your calendar, call to follow up and confirm the date and time, and provide the services that your new customer needs. The best way to gain a repeat customer is to show that you are true to your word about high-quality workmanship and professional services.

Do you have things you would add to this list? Is your website set up so your customers will respond online? Check out the additional tips and tools in this article on how to set up your Contact Us page for success.

We want to hear your online services request success stories and any suggestions you might have for this list. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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