[Quick Tips] 5 Tips for SEO & Website Ranking Success! [infographic]

5 Helpful SEO & Website Ranking Tips to Help Ensure Success for Small Businesses in Canada & North America

Every business out there is always looking for a quick way to improve their website ranking and increase business. The truth is there really isn’t a “quick fix” when it comes to SEO, but there are a few tips & tricks when building your website content that can help improve your chances of ranking well in today’s competitive SEO market. Below are 5 helpful SEO tips to keep in mind when building out your businesses website content.


1. Target Your Keywords in Your Website Content!

If you want to improve your chances of ranking well for a specific keyword, you must first ensure that you use that keyword several times on your website. You would be surprised how many companies there are that want to rank well for a specific keyword, but don’t actually use that keyword effectively in their website content. Rule of thumb is, if you want to rank for a keyword make sure to include it multiple times throughout your website to help ensure Google see’s your overall website as “relevant” for that keyword search.

[Quick Tips] 5 Tips for SEO & Website Ranking Success! [infographic]

2. Create a Dedicated Page for Each Keyword

To help maximize your chances of appearing on Google for specific keywords, you should also try to make sure that you create a dedicated page for every keyword you want to rank for. In some cases a single page can target multiple closely related keywords, but for the most part you should ideally create a separate unique page for every one of your target keywords. Each keyword dedicated page should include the target keyword in the various elements of the page, as well as the page content itself. By creating a separate focus page for each keyword, you ensure that your website has an extremely relevant page for Google to serve for each one of your keywords.


3. Group Related Pages into Relationships

Grouping similar themed pages together is another effective way to help increase your websites ranking for your target keywords. By grouping similar ideas/themes together into a relationship structure, you create a direct connection between your various related keywords. Grouped keywords/pages should ideally link to each other, and should share a similar URL structure.


4. Target Locally Whenever Possible

If you are the type of business that has a very specific target location (Example: Toronto, ON + 50 mile radius) you should go out of your way to focus your SEO activity on building ranking for those specific relevant cities/locations. By targeting locally, you can greatly increase your chances of your website ranking well for your target keywords in the locations you care about most. In the end your target audience is always smaller, but the payout for the most part is still usually much greater as you are targeting a much less competitive space, giving you a much better opportunity for success.


5. Know When to Call For Help

You’re a business owner, and you know YOUR business inside and out, and because of that your time and energy is used most efficiently when running… your business. I mean who really has time to run a business AND keep up with all the SEO “best practices”, which are constantly changing? Sometimes it is better to know when to throw in the towel and get the professional help you need! There are a wide range of SEO services available online, but it is important to find one that caters to your specific needs, and offers a solution to all aspects of your online marketing campaign. When you find the right SEO Company to work with, your SEO “expenses” should fairly quickly become a “profit”, as when done right the cost of your SEO work should pay for itself, and then some!


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