Computer Monitors Shaking HandsAs many businesses out there have probably already realized, search engine optimization can be a pain! Due to such high competition, it takes so much effort to rank well for any of your desired keywords, and it can be frustrating when, after weeks of work, you find out that your keyword only ranks on page 18 of Google . . .  To help better your chances for success and higher rankings, most small business websites are better off trying to optimize their SEO strategy around local targeting, allowing your keywords to rank better for the local users you actually care about most. This can be done by simply making some minor tweaks to your current website structure to better target the locations you want to rank well for. This can be achieved by including that specific location in the various elements of each page of your site.

Global Targeted Keyword = Drain Cleaning
Local Targeted Keyword = Drain Cleaning in Lakeland OR Lakeland Drain Cleaning

Below are 6 tips you can follow to optimize your website better for local users:

1. Start off by including your primary target location in your META Titles & Page Titles whenever possible.
Example: <title>Drain Cleaning, Lakeland, FL | Southeastern Septic </title>

2. Then make sure that the primary target location is also in your META descriptions whenever room allows.
Example: <meta name=”description” content=”If you notice that your septic system is slowing down, you might want to think about hiring a professional for drain cleaning services in Lakeland, Florida.” />

3. You will also want to include your primary location in your on-page h1 title for further local targeting.
Example: <h1>Drain Cleaning, Lakeland, FL</h1>

4. And also include your primary location (with optional secondary locations) in your on-page h2 subtitle as well.
Example: <h2> Southeastern Septic LLC Offers Drain Cleaning and Other Septic Services to Residents of Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Mulberry, and Polk City, FL.</h2>

5. Then make sure to also include the primary location (with optional secondary locations) somewhere in the actual page content, as well, for even more local targeting.
Example: Regardless of the specifics of your septic system, regular drain cleaning is a must in order to prevent clogs that can put your bathrooms and other drains throughout the house out of commission for several days. Southeastern Septic LLC offers drain cleaning and other septic services to residents of Lakeland, Auburndale, Bartow & Winter Haven and surrounding areas—contact us today for a drain cleaning estimate!

6. And lastly, include your primary location within the actual page URLs as well.
Keep in mind that each specific location should be given its own unique version of each page to maximize local targeting for every one of your target locations.

By optimizing your website for the specific location(s) you care about most, you can greatly improve your ranking for users who do searches from those SPECIFIC locations. This allows you to target keywords with much less competition and much more relevance. If the customers you care most about are local, then optimizing your website for local keywords may be right for you!

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