Website Activity

We’ll keep you up to date about what’s happening with your website.

You had a new website designed and created, and you love how it turned out. Now that you have this great website to show off your business and what it does, you want to make sure it doesn’t just look pretty, but also performs well and gets results.

Website Activity

This is where we come in at WordJack Media. After we create a custom website for your business in Collingwood, Ontario, we’ll provide you with monthly reports. These reports will show you what kind of activity happened with your website during the prior month, including things like visits, time spent on the site, pages visited, etc.

We use these monthly reports to refine our marketing strategies and help you get better results on the web. But providing you with monthly reports also helps you understand who’s visiting your website, when, and for how long, so you can cater your services to meet this potential client base. When we go over your monthly reports, we’ll also make recommendations for new ways we can enhance your existing website and continually improve your web marketing results.

Monitoring your website activity is just one of the many ways we’ll keep track of your website’s progress and the results of your online marketing activities. For more information about why monitoring your website activity is so important and the tools we’ll use to do this, contact us today.

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