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Complete RehabA few months ago, I was tinkering around with a few different avenues trying to address my marketing needs.  I needed visibility and interest in my therapy service.  I was trying to generate a significant increase in patients/referrals/leads, but was just not achieving anywhere close to the results I wanted or needed to grow my business.

I decided to seek help from WordJack Media because the salesperson had done her homework and knew her product. Her explanation of EXACTLY how WordJack Media could/would tie all the avenues together to create one HUGE marketing bundle was the selling point for me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with WordJack Media.  I have especially enjoyed the access to my Web Marketing Manager.  Each time I need a correction, explanation, changes to previously submitted input, etc., my calls have ALWAYS been answered or promptly returned.  The results have been TRULY AMAZING!  By the end of the first week after my new website went live, it was at the top of EVERY search engine.  As a result, after only having a new website for about two weeks, the phone calls consistently started coming in from people who saw or read something about my business online, and they haven’t slowed down since.

“I am NOT a computer / technology person, and WordJack has been able to reach a marketing audience I hadn’t even considered. They have EXCELLENT customer service and are wonderful at explaining exactly what is happening in ways I can understand.”

I have had AWESOME experiences with EVERYONE I’ve dealt with at WordJack Media. These guys are great and know how to use/maximize their product VERY WELL!!

GREAT product + GREAT service = GREAT results!!!

Brett Duffey
Complete Rehab
6000 Meadwobrook Mall Ct., Ste. 22
Clemmons, NC 27012

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