I’ve Gotten More Business, and My Website Traffic is Going Up

Before working with WordJack, I liked the look and feel of my website, but our search engine rankings were horrible and continuing to get worse. Potential clients were Googling terms that I should be getting found on, but they weren’t finding me. I needed to ensure my company could be found by more people. I needed SEO to work for me, not against me.

I’ve Gotten More Business, and My Website Traffic is Going Up

Though I was told it was atypical, I started ranking on the first page for a few search terms in the first month of working with WordJack. I quickly started getting enough business from the website to make my contract with WordJack cost-neutral, and by month four, it was a revenue maker. The phone has been ringing more, I’ve gotten more business, and my website traffic is going up. Working with WordJack has made it both possible and necessary to grow my business.

I love having a dedicated marketing manager. She always gives me direction and answers my questions about online marketing. I feel like she and the rest of the WordJack team respect my opinion and my small business. Both my marketing manager and sales representative are engaged in my continued success.

I 110% recommend WordJack to other small businesses (and already have!)


Jonathan Beck
Piedmont Technical Experts
Greensboro, NC

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