cloud 9 logoThanks for your help in getting our site SEO going better and handling social media. As you know, I am also using another SEO and social media company for my other site as a test to see which one does better for us and then I will give the other site to the successful company.

So far WordJack is in the lead. Of the (9) critical search keyword terms that we are working toward, I am above the fold on the first page on (6) of them. On (2) of them, I am the very next listing below the fold on the first page and the 9th search term has not made it to the front page yet.

While the other SE O company decided to work on Twitter exclusively to increase my ranking through social media (which is the least effective of the social media systems in increasing site ranking), your people decided to use blogs and now Facebook and Google+ (the most effective social media sites for increasing ranking).

The reports sent to me by WordJack are more understandable than the ones from your competition.

If I had to make the decision after only 3.5 months of experience with the two SEO companies, WordJack would win the contest. Please keep up the hard work so we can keep working together and you can take over our other site.

Also, I am referring you to my brother’s company Pat’s Pump & Blower, Inc. at 407-841-7867 ask for Kevin Fender. I have already spoken to him about you.


Rick Fender
Cloud 9 Services, Inc.
Orlando, FL

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