"WordJack has Always Delivered What was Promised in a Timely Manner and with Courtesy."

Shardz Junk Removal
My company, Shardz Junk Removal, signed up with WordJack Media because we knew our business was not attracting the customers we needed to make our company successful. We wanted to market our company to residents and commercial businesses in North Carolina that needed our services, but we weren’t sure how to do that on our own.

During the first month of working with WordJack, we did not see much of an increase of business, but after working with our web marketing manager and discussing various objectives and demographics, he came up with some ideas and options of things we could try. We implemented some of those ideas on our website, and during the third month, we saw a huge amount of increased business. Now, just seven months into our partnership with WordJack, our sales have almost tripled!

What I like most about working with WordJack is that they always respond quickly to my calls and emails. I feel that both our digital media consultant and web marketing manager have treated our business as if it were their own. Their listening skills are great and performance has been outstanding.

When I have worked with other businesses in the past, I have usually not received the response I deserved, the delivery I was promised, or even had my calls returned. WordJack has always delivered what was promised in a timely manner and with courtesy. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses that want to increase their sales and marketing reach.


Dianne Pawlowicz
Shardz Junk Removal
4590 Acorn Village Rd.
Conover, NC 28316

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