Effective Web Marketing: Engage, Don’t Collect your Twitter FollowersSocial media is now an essential part of any small business’ web marketing plan. Many companies are now turning to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in order to build their clientele and make their target markets more aware of their products. While the intention of Facebook is to have engaging content and participating users on a company page, many businesses neglect to realize that Twitter is the same.

Typically, brands focus on gaining as many Twitter followers as possible thinking that it is just a numbers game; however, for effective web marketing to work, you not only have to gain a loyal amount of followers that are interested in your products and services, but you also have to engage and motivate them to share news of your business with others.

For effective web marketing, companies should focus their efforts on improving engagement with Twitter followers by encouraging them to re-tweet information about products and services. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Focus on Your Demo

Avoid collecting followers for the sake of having as many as possible. Instead, focus on gaining followers and partner businesses that are relevant to your company. Ensure that your brand is following similar profiles in the same industry and that you are connecting with industry experts. This method can not only gain you a substantial follower base, but also gain followers who are interested in your brand.

Tweet Valuable Content

Make sure you are not only re-tweeting other people’s articles—offer your business’s unique point of view on subjects, too. Having content that is relevant to your followers will allow them to open a dialogue with you and re-tweet your content to their followers.

Be Present on Your Account

The key to good web marketing is to be engaging and active. Respond to conversations in a timely manner to build relationships with them. Make use of @replies to check interactions and mentions of your brand to keep track of what people are saying about your business.

Effective Web Marketing: Engage, Don’t Collect Your Twitter Followers

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