How to Use Instagram as an Effective Web Marketing ToolTo many, Instagram is only a camera app that allows you to take your ordinary photos and make them extraordinary with filters. Yet, many small businesses are embracing Instagram and using it as an effective web marketing tool for their company. By thinking outside the box and connecting directly with your clientele, Instagram can be a powerful tool in your web marketing plan. Here are some tips to help you use Instagram as an effective instrument for your small business.

1) Always Use Your Business’ Hashtag. In every post that your business makes, it would be lost in your web marketing campaign if you did not hashtag it with your business name and other keywords. Always let your clients know where your photos are coming from in order to keep your business top of mind.

2) Keep It Engaging. Many businesses using Instagram post daily shots of things happening around them. You’ll see photos of their events, local community, and even employees. Most importantly, they post photos that encourage their users to do the same. Also, building contests into your Instagram activities can really boost a web marketing campaign and draw more people to follow and participate in your activities.

3) Feature Your Products. If you own a restaurant or a business that deals with specific products, consider taking photos of your food or products and posting them at least 5 times a week. Often times, just posting a delicious looking pizza or great looking photo of your new product line will draw current and new clients to your door.

4) Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Little Personal. Some business owners choose to take pictures (with permission) of their customers and the work they have done and share those photos on Instagram. Sharing personal photos of your business and clientele can allow other clients and future clients to get to know your company better, leading to increased trust.

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