How Incorporating Video Is Helping Internet Marketers Increase their ROI [infographic]

How Incorporating Video Is Helping Internet Marketers Increase their ROIWith YouTube boasting 1 billion unique users a month who watch 6 billion hours of video, it’s no surprise to say that consumers are drawn to websites that offer video on websites. Also, not only are consumers watching a lot of video, but they’re also sharing it on other social media websites that, in turn, drive users back to the original video source.

In a recent study done by The Relevancy Group, reports found that including video in email marketing campaigns increased email marketing revenue by 40%. That’s a huge number!

While only 25% of business executives admit to using video in email, internet marketers are now starting to wonder why more decision makers aren’t using the strategy more frequently in their business plans when the ROI is so high. In the study, the following reasons were stated for possible lack of participation:

  • 43% said there was not enough content
  • 27% worried about video production costs
  • 24% were focusing on other email priorities

This begs to question whether the excuses stated above were good enough reasons to not take a 40% higher ROI into consideration.

While it is true that the cost of video production can be high, experienced internet marketers believe that businesses shouldn’t shy away from it. Getting over “thinking too big” is one of the first challenges to overcome. A little can go a long way when it comes to video production, and as YouTube has successfully shown, anyone can make a “viral” video. Start small with a simple camera and no special effects and someone speaking about a subject that is relevant to your clients.

If content is a worry, start by scouring old blog posts, tip sheets, and FAQs to brainstorm content for a video posting. Think about it as repurposing content that you have already discovered on your blog; however, by incorporating video, you’re offering up the opportunity to create a conversational approach with your client base.

Internet marketers believe incorporating video marketing into business campaigns can position your small business ahead of the competition. Start now, and reap the benefits of video sooner than later.

How Incorporating Video Is Helping Internet Marketers Increase their ROI

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