Google G Suite FAQ

Put simply – G Suite is company email, provided by Google. WordJack Media is a G-Suite Authorized Reseller.

G SuiteYou may have heard of Google Apps for Work, which rebranded to G-Suite in September 2016. We provide G-Suite subscriptions to some of our clients as part of their monthly marketing program. There are plenty of reasons we like G Suite so much and decided to become a reseller, but here are a few big ones:

  • As robust as you’re likely to need – reliability is an important factor when it comes to work email
  • G Suite email uses GMAIL as it’s default email program – which we think is one of the best email clients going around!
  • Google provides phone support for G Suite users (through the admin in your business) which we’ve found to be first class
  • The tools for data migration (combined with phone support where needed) are excellent, and make G Suite a perfect solution for businesses who are moving away from another email provider and want to take all their mailbox history with them

Here are some FAQ for WordJack clients who use Google G Suite for email:
How do I log into email for the first time?
Are Legacy emails migrated into my new email account?
Who is the administrator on my G-Suite account?
How do I get support for G-Suite email?
How do I add more users to G Suite email?


After cutover – Logging into email for the first time

The first thing you should do on your first day after cutover is to log into Gmail. Each user needs to take the following steps:

  1. Set yourself aside 5-10 mins in front of a computer to work through this process
  2. Open a web browser and go to
  3. Enter your username and password (check your “spec sheet” if you are not sure)
  4. You may be asked to do a few things on your first login (such as add a phone number to your account for security, or nominate a backup email address, or to change your password, or to accept the terms of use for google email). Go ahead and do those – these are just setup steps that you won’t have to go through each time.
  5. You will be taken to the inbox, and your new emails will arrive in here the moment after the cut-over. You can send emails from here too.

Legacy emails migrated into your new email account

When you reach your inbox for the first time, there may be some emails already in your inbox. There are usually a few “welcome to Gmail” emails. But if you had an email address with your old email host and have asked WordJack to migrate your emails, you will see emails from that account carried over into your new account.

Your Organization’s G-Suite administrator

At least one member of your team will be setup as an administrator. They will have access to all admin settings for G-Suite in your organization except billing (WordJack handles the billing for you). The administrator role in the business is a very important one, because:

  1. They have the ability to suspend/remove users and reset passwords for other people
  2. They can add aliases to email accounts, and create distribution groups
  3. They can access the PIN for G-Suite support (see more about support below)
  4. They will have the “spec sheet” and other information that other users don’t have. They will need to be willing to communicate with other people in the organization. For example, users will need help navigating the “logging into email for the first time” process.

Getting Support for your G-Suite email

One of the reasons WordJack chooses G-Suite for your email is the excellent phone support Google provides. We recommend that you contact Google support in the first instance with any email concerns.

A PIN number is needed to get through to google support, and only the administrator can get a PIN issued for support. The administrator must:

1. Login to their email account at

2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner

3. Select “manage this domain”


4. Re-enter your password, then select the green “support” icon


5. You will be shown a phone number and a button to “get PIN”. A pin is valid for 60 mins from that moment. Once you have the phone number and the PIN, any user can use it to call and get support

6. Call the phone number and enter the PIN when prompted.



Google support will usually identify what you want to achieve and talk you through making those updates step-by-step. There are some tasks that you may not have access to that WordJack will need to help with if the Google Support consultant instructs you to one of these things:

  1. Access/change the billing settings on your account
  2. Add a new email account for a new user in your organization
  3. Updating the DNS records (or namserver settings) for your domain

Adding more users to G Suite email

You may have new employees and need to add more email accounts. This is no problem! To do this, please either phone or email your WordJack Web Marketing Manager, or complete this request form:

Fill out my online form.

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