"I am exceptionally happy with the results I’ve seen from WordJack!"

King Tutt GraphicsMy company needed assistance with establishing our presence on the internet so we could get more customers and business via this medium. We wanted help with website design, organic rankings, and SEO writing for different landing pages for our website, as well as several other things.

Initially, we were working with another web marketing company in our local area, but we weren’t gaining any traction and not seeing any results. That’s when I decided to try WordJack Media.

Everything that was initially discussed when I signed my contract has been scheduled and/or addressed. Their communication has been outstanding, and we have been gaining traction organically, so we are extremely pleased.

My favorite things about WordJack are their action-driven processes, stellar customer service, and effective communication. We have increased our sales and our website traffic, and we’re starting to obtain a strong internet presence. My media consultant and web marketing manager are both extremely awesome!

“I am definitely not an easy person to please, but I am exceptionally happy with the results I’ve seen from WordJack up to this point! I highly recommend them and have referred them to other businesses.”

Steven Michaels
King Tutt Graphics
1100 Corporation Parkway, Suite 122
Raleigh, NC 27610

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