TK Wrap Designs New Website More LeadsMy company signed up with WordJack because I had heard good things about their online marketing services from some of our customers. Our WordJack sales consultant believed so much in our company and what WordJack could offer us that I knew it would be a good decision right from the start.

One of my main goals in working with WordJack was growing our website to include more information and fixing the disaster of a situation we were in with the person who was previously hosting our website. We also wanted to improve SEO because there are 10 other businesses that are very similar to ours in the Mooresville area, and we were having a hard time competing.We wanted to be noticed online, and we wanted to make a big impression before anyone even called and talked to us.

WordJack has done that for us . . . times 10!

My WordJack Marketing Manager is so fun, easy to work with, and a pleasure to talk to. In the last 8 months since we started working with WordJack, I must have received over 200 emails from him, updating me on our progress, adding to our website, giving me projections for next month, and suggesting what we can do better. He’s always on top of our website and social media. I feel like I’m his only client, even though I know he has many and is often very busy. He never makes me feel like he doesn’t have time for my company.

I also love the quick results we have received from WordJack. We saw a very fast turnaround on our new website, and the SEO improvements have been huge. People all over the country are finding out who we are, seeing our stuff, and loving our work.Our social media has grown by leaps and bounds, too, and it’s all been organic. People are interacting with us more, and we get tons of quote requests from our website–at least 10 each week. We have gained many new clients, and we’re hard to NOT find online anymore!

We have grown to the point where other companies that have been around way longer than us are sending people our way. So we know we have made a big impression on the general public, solely through what can be found online.

Would I recommend WordJack to other businesses? Absolutely!


Mandi Poncher
TK Wrap Designs
Mooresville, NC

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