WordJack Has Been Way Better Than Any Other Online Marketing Company

Before I started working with WordJack, I worked with two other online marketing companies, but had never found the right fit. No one I’d worked with seemed like they understood my business, and I never really had the results I thought I should with the money I was spending.

WordJack Has Been Way Better Than Any Other Online Marketing Company

My business went through the wringer in 2020. My business partner and I parted ways, and then COVID-19 hit. Even thought I’d been in business for over three years, because I’d gone out on my own, I didn’t qualify for any benefits, as I was seen as a new business. I was going as much as 2 weeks between customers after the COVID-19 restrictions lifted. But I love what I do, and I wanted to keep doing it.

After I signed up with WordJack, I was assigned a Marketing Manager who asked me a lot of questions so that they could represent me accurately and efficiently. My feedback was always requested and considered, as my line of work isn’t always easy for others to understand.

There were some additional complexities with my former business partner, as she had taken over the website, and she changed her business name to one similar to my new business name, so Google was mixing us up. My Marketing Manager was able to help untangle the confusion so that I could show up online and attract new customers.

WordJack has been way better than any other online marketing company that I’ve worked with. They have saved my business. Last year alone, I got more than 40 new clients. My appointment book is full, and I’m thrilled to be able to do the work that I love without worrying about the future.

If you don’t think online marketing works, then you’re probably just working with the wrong company. It does take time to see results, but the investment in your business is worth it.


Lori Smith
Apollo Hair of Lubbock
Wolfforth, Texas

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