cynergy mechanical logoBefore signing up with WordJack, our website was not only impossible to find on Google, but it had also been tagged as malware, so to searchers, it looked like the business wasn’t even “real”. The website didn’t just need SEO— it needed to be completely redone.

Why launch a new website if you’re not going to properly promote it and ultimately monetize it? It’s an asset, but only if you make it an asset. With WordJack, we didn’t need to hire the talent to monetize it. The money we’ve paid for the service has come back to us 10 fold!

Once WordJack knew what we were trying to accomplish, they put us into the “machine” and cranked it up to high-gear fairly quickly. They have incredibly knowledgeable staff members who are quick to respond and can effectively make sense of the value of certain aspects of SEO, and they also know what’s a “fad” and what won’t work.

Thanks to WordJack, we’ve received more organic calls resulting in new clients and more sales! We’ve even had some people find us from the U.S. who need services locally in Toronto.

Our local sales rep is outstanding! He didn’t oversell the service, yet was knowledgeable enough to validate our concerns. And our web marketing manager is even better! She can “dumb down” the strategy and effectively explain SEO to us, so we understand what’s happening and feel confident in our decisions. She has proven herself more than capable of translating our needs into an actionable plan that gets results.

I’d recommend WordJack Media because some of the other services out there have tried to “remake” themselves into SEO web experts, yet they still rely on and try to sell their old “technology” (print ads). WordJack is laser-focused on the web. They provide amazing value for the money!

Jan Nybida
Cynergy Mechanical
Etobicoke, ON

WordJack Media provides a wide range of website design and online marketing solutions to clients throughout Canada and the US, including Collingwood ON, Ottawa ON, Barrie ON, Miami FL, Lakeland FL, Orlando FL, Charlotte NC, Hickory NC, Asheville NC and more. Contact WordJack Media today for more information about how we can help your business win on the web!

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