Social Networking Sites to Help with Marketing Your BusinessThere are many popular social media sites to choose from right now. Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn, it can be hard to determine which platform to focus time and money on to help with marketing your business. Although each social media site has its advantages and disadvantages, and often splitting resources between more than one site can be advantageous to a business’ marketing plans, knowing where to get the most bang for your buck is also crucial to ensure you are reaching your desired target market.

In a recent study done by HootSuite Social Media Management, it was determined that although Facebook and Twitter are still popular ways to help with marketing your small business, LinkedIn has in fact pulled out to be the most popular choice among decision makers.

Social Networking Sites to Help with Marketing Your Business

Using data collected from business leaders in North American and European companies with over 100 employees, HootSuite determined that 81% of respondents were using LinkedIn, with 48% using it for both business and personal purposes.

LinkedIn has become a powerhouse in the social media arena with its ease for networking, recruiting, and help with marketing business strategies.

Despite these findings, LinkedIn alone may not be the best platform for engagement of customers, but it can be an important tool when used properly and to its full extent within a marketing plan that includes other social media networking sites.

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