Live Action Video – Here’s What To Expect

If your WordJack Web Marketing Manager has lined up a live action video featuring your business, this page will provide you with some information on the process for getting the video made, as well as what you need to do to prepare for your “shoot day”.

We’re excited to get started!

Live Action Video – Here’s What To Expect

“Interview style” videos are our most popular.

The most successful format for the live action video is an interview with the owner or manager. The result is that the viewer learns about your business, but also gets to meet you, as a person behind the brand. This style of speaking directly to the customer adds a personal feel to it.

We will also collect footage of your business in action – your shop/studio, vehicles, employees at work, customers, facilities, etc. So while the viewer hears your voice throughout the video, the visuals will take them on a tour of the business at the same time.

You don’t need to prepare scripts or practice for the interview.

The videographer will ask a bunch of question to get you talking. You’ll talk about everything from how you started out to why your customers love you. We’ll record lots of footage so we can edit the best pieces together to tell the story! Here’s a list of the types of questions the videographer might ask to get you talking:

  • Can you give us a history of the company in a nutshell?
  • What is the mission of the business?
  • Why did you decide to go into this line of business?
  • How did the business start?
  • Can you give us some interesting facts or figures about the company?
  • What are your stats in terms of numbers of employees, projects, customers, etc.?
  • What separates you from other similar companies?
  • Who is your typical customer? What are they looking for, what do they buy?
  • What is your most popular product or service?
  • What do your customers say about you?
  • What important thing about your business that you want people to be aware of?
  • Why do you take pride in this business?

….they might not all seem relevant, but your answers to a couple of these might be all we need to tell a great story!

Feeling shy? We won’t force you to appear on camera!

If you don’t like the idea of putting your face on camera, that’s okay. We can still conduct the interview in much the same way and collect more footage from around the business to show instead. This ends up looking more like a “day in the life” and has quite a natural feel, so don’t feel pressured to appear on camera if you don’t want to. However, please make sure you explain this to the videographer. He will need to ensure he has enough other footage to create a full video, and he’ll need to know this for the editing stage.

Everyone in the video will be asked to sign a waiver.

This is mostly to protect your business and ensure you have received the appropriate consent and confirmation to use someone’s image for your video. The WordJack videographer is not going to force anyone to sign this, but they will present you with the option. We recommend signing this to cover yourself. It’s a simple 1-page sheet.

If you want to have shots of “customers” getting consults or services, it would likely be best to arrange for friends or trusted clients to appear in the shoot. It’s strongly recommended you get these people to sign the waiver, too.

Please allow about 1 hour for the shoot.

We aim to make videos about 45 – 60 seconds in length — mainly because anything longer will not be watched all the way through. That ends up being 6-8 sentences of voice over, or about 100 – 140 words. You should schedule about 1 hour of time to properly allow the videographer to conduct the interview, shoot extra footage of your business & people, and gather the waivers.

The footage will be gathered in a single visit to a single site. So when you are scheduling, please choose the best location to do this. Is it your office/shop? Or on a job-site?

Please also arrange for any employees or customers to be present and available if you’d like to include them. You may also like to think about asking employees to attend in uniform and having your branded vehicles clean or reception areas tidy.

Our Videographer will contact you directly to schedule.

Our videographer is local to your area and has lots of experience. Since this is not your Marketing Manager’s area of expertise, they do the preliminary work, but the videographer will make contact directly with you to book a date & time.

After the shoot, the videographer will deliver the draft to review within a couple of weeks and seek any feedback or your approvals. Only after you approve the video will WordJack be able to start publishing it for you.

If there are any unforeseen costs or unexpected requirements, your WordJack Marketing Manager may get involved to get a quote from the videographer or facilitate any problem solving.

Let’s get started – Expect a phone call!

Please contact your WordJack Web Marketing Manager with any questions you have, and please expect a call from our videographer in the coming days.

Live Action Video – Here’s What To Expect

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