Robot-Generated Calls From Google: How to Identify and Stop Spam Robocalls

Have you ever received a phone call (or a robocall) from someone claiming to work for Google, and they say they need you to update your business listing or ask you for other sensitive information, like passwords or credit card numbers? The call may sound official, but it’s a scam.

Robot-Generated Calls From Google: How to Identify and Stop Spam Robocalls

If you receive a robocall claiming to be from Google, hang up immediately. Even if it says something like “Press 2 to exit”, don’t push any buttons—that just acknowledges to the scammer that you answered the call, and they will likely try to call you again later.

Google does not make robocalls—unless you specifically request an automated phone call, any legitimate call from Google will come from a live person, and they will never ask you for money to list your business on Google, offer to help you improve your listing or your search engine rankings, or ask you for passwords or other sensitive information over the phone.

So how can you reduce or eliminate the number of spam Google calls you receive?

1.Register your phone number(s) with the National Do Not Call List. U.S. residents can do so here, while Canadians should use this site.

2.If possible, ask your phone provider to block any spam phone numbers that call you repeatedly.

3.Report suspicious calls to Google.

4.Learn more about robocalls and how to handle them from the FTC or the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission.

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