If someone Googled the name of your business or looked at your business Facebook page today, what would they find? Raving reviews on Yelp and positive comments from your current customers? Or would they find one-star Google reviews and negative comments from unhappy customers that were never responded to or addressed?

Maybe the things being said online about your business are true, and maybe they aren’t, but either way, they can affect your reputation. If your business doesn’t look good online, it is a lot less likely that someone who is searching for your products or services will pick up the phone and give you a call. Instead, they will look to one of your competitors.

How to Set Up Online Reputation Management for Your Business in Less Than 30 Seconds

So how do you know what’s being said online about your business, and how can you turn the negative comments into positives? It’s actually quite simple with a process called online reputation management.

This video explains how you can take some simple steps to monitor your business’ online reputation in just 30 seconds. By correctly using Facebook notifications and Google alerts, you will be immediately notified whenever something is said about your business online—whether good or bad.

First, make sure your notifications are turned on for your business’ Facebook page. That way, you’ll receive an email and/or push notification each time someone writes on your timeline, sends you a message, or comments on one of your posts.

Next, set up a Google alert for your business name. This will notify you via email every time Google finds a new mention of your business name online. If you’d like, you can also set up alerts about your competitors to see what is being said about them, and get ideas for new ways to market your business.

After you’ve seen the comments or posts, you can respond to them appropriately if necessary and hopefully improve your online reputation in the process.

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