Bumgarner Oil Review on WordJack MediaMy name is Sam Ball and I’m the manager at Bumgarner Oil in Hickory, NC.

For years, Bumgarner has advertised extensively in the yellow pages to generate new business. Last year, we decided it was time for a change. Yellow pages advertising had just become too expensive for what it was bring ing us in new business.

We started working with WordJack Media. They showed us ways to save money on our yellow pages advertising and re-invest some of the savings in an online marking program. In total, we saved over 30% on our yellow pages costs and 25% on our total advertising budget.

The results have been excellent.

Despite spending less on advertising, our sales have grown significantly. We attribute much of this success to our online advertising activities and the support of WordJack Media.

We can’t wait for our yellow pages rep to visit us again, as we look forward to saving even more money in the year ahead.

– Sam Ball @ Bumgarner Oil, Hickory, NC

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