Showcase your business’ products or services online with an optimized website gallery!

video creation as part of web marketing servicesIf you have lots of great pictures that showcase the work your business does, you probably love to show them off to potential clients in hopes that they will love what they see and hire you. But did you know these pictures can have another benefit, as well? You may as well put those photos to even better use by allowing them to help you with SEO, and posting image galleries on your website is a great way to do that.

10 Website Gallery Tips For Your Small Business Website:

1. First you should make sure to include a short and sweet H1 title for your gallery and give it some added context and SEO value by adding a relevant target keyword if possible.
Example: Home Remodeling Gallery

2. Make sure to include a long-tailed H2 sub-title, as well, to provide your users a quick summery of what your gallery is all about. Just like with your H1 title, your H2 sub-title should also include your target keyword and optional target location (for better local targeting).
Example: Check out our amazing home remodeling gallery below for examples of the remodeling jobs we have done in the Toronto area!

3. Content is king, and because of this, you can increase your gallery’s ability to rank well by simply including a short chunk of intro content at the start of your gallery (100+ words). As always, try to include your relevant target keywords/locations in the mix for added SEO boost!

4. Don’t forget to add a relevant and keyword-focused META title for your gallery.
Example: Home Remodeling Gallery | Home Remodeling | [Company Name]
Example: Home Remodeling Gallery | Toronto | [Company Name]

5. For additional user engagement, it helps to include a unique META description with a strong call to action to encourage users to click through to your gallery from the SERP.
Example: Thinking of remodeling your home? Don’t start until you check out our Toronto Home Remodeling Gallery for great design ideas & remodeling inspiration!

6. When creating a gallery for your website, make sure to include a fair amount of images. If your gallery only has few images on it and a lot of blank space, it will seem “incomplete” or “lacking” to your users.

7. To maximize the SEO value from your website’s gallery, be sure to include relevant and keyword-rich alt tags for each image.
Example: alt=”Toronto Remodeling Project 1″
Example: alt=”Kitchen Redesign – Lyon Crt Toronto”

8. To provide even more value & context to not only your users, but also the search engine crawlers, it is recommended that you include a short caption with each image in your website’s gallery. The caption should simply describe what the image is, and whenever possible should include a relevant target keyword or location.
Example: New Kitchen Island & Custom Cabinet Replacement
Example: Complete Toronto Home Demolition & Rebuild

9. If you find that you have too many images in your gallery and your images tend to also fall into several different keyword groups, then it may be worth the trouble to break your gallery into multiple galleries, each dedicated to a more specific aspect of your business.
Home Remodeling Gallery
>Kitchen Remodeling Gallery
>Bathroom Remodeling Gallery
>Basement Remodeling Gallery
>Bedroom Remodeling Gallery

10. And lastly, make sure to optimize all the images you include in your gallery by using Yahoo! Smush.ittm, which can greatly reduce your images’ file sizes to keep your gallery load times to a minimum.

Google and other search engines love images, so don’t neglect this important aspect of your website that can really help you boost SEO. If you need help implementing these tips and other SEO strategies, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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