Congratulations to Claudia Carter on Her 3-Year Anniversary at WordJack!

Congratulations to Claudia Carter on Her 3-Year Anniversary at WordJack!
Here at WordJack, we have been quite fortunate over the years to have compiled a team of professionals who not only function at a high level of expertise, but also work together as a cohesive team for the benefit of our many clients. Many of those clients have become very familiar with one of our shining stars – Claudia Carter, who is part of our North Carolina sales team.

As a spectacular Sales Consultant serving the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area for the past 3 years, Claudia has continued to show passion for helping businesses prosper. I recently caught up with her (no easy feat as she’s always on the go helping her clients!) to ask her a few questions so that we could share with you a bit more about her.

What area of Winston Salem do you call home? And what are your favorite neighborhoods to visit?

I actually live in Advance, NC now; however, I grew up in Winston-Salem in an area often called Juanita Lakes.  My favorite neighborhood to visit would be West End because of the stylish older houses that have been remodeled over the years.

If someone was visiting Winston-Salem for 24 hours, what would you insist they see and do?

Visit the Reynolda House and Gardens. There is so much rich history there about our great town. Beautiful artwork, and the gardens are enchanting!

Where can you get the best coffee in your local area?

Ardmore Coffee is a hot little spot located in the Ardmore neighborhood and attracts a lot of locals and medical professionals.

Tell us about your BNI. What do you like most about meeting with other local business personalities from your area?

My BNI is named AdvantageONE, and the group will celebrate its 3rd year this October.  We have 18 members and are growing.  I am the Educational Coordinator for our group and enjoy teaching our members ways they can improve their membership.  We have many professions within our group, like insurance, real estate, financial, accounting, payroll services, flooring, restoration and more. We meet every Thursday from 11:30-1:00pm at Bermuda Run Country Club or on Zoom.
Congratulations to Claudia Carter on Her 3-Year Anniversary at WordJack!
What approach do you take to your client meetings that serves you well?

I love to educate people about the power and effect of good online marketing.  I put it in easy-to-understand language and use analogies associated with their business to help them understand.

What do you see as the most powerful local marketing tools a business should be taking advantage of?

It’s crucial for a small business to develop a solid online marketing plan with an optimizing structure for the four major ways someone can find a business on the web: website, social media, local profiles and SEO.

Again, a big, hearty thank you to Claudia Carter for all her hard work, and we look forward to celebrating her ongoing anniversaries with our company and continuing to hear great feedback from her clients and co-workers.

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